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Welcome to Wachusett Flag Football's Website!

Hello Wachusett Flag Football Families!!

It’s been a long year, but things are finally getting back to normal.

In fact, registration for the 2021 season is now open!!

We want to thank everyone who pre-paid their registration fee last year so that the league could have enough cash flow to stay afloat and pay off-season expenses as well as some pre-season expenses last year like jerseys.

On the website registration page, you will notice that for each division, there is a regular registration link as well as a “PRE-PAID” link.  If you pre-paid last year, please use the “PRE-PAID” link and register with a $0 cost.  You MUST still register for this coming season, even if you pre-paid.  As a confirmation, you will receive an email confirming that you pre-paid if in fact you did.  Also, the system will not allow you to register under the PRE-PAID option if you did not pre-pay last year.

As always, please do not wait long to register, as the earlier we know how many players and teams we will have, the easier it is to plan and be all set on day one.

We are extremely excited to start planning for the upcoming season and to ultimately get back on the field at the end of August.

Enjoy your Summer!!

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