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8/19/2020 UPDATE:

We are sorry to have to announce that we will not be able to have a Flag Football season this Fall.

We were very hopeful after last week's fall sports guidelines release from the Massachusetts department of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA).  Our plan for non-contact flag football rules seemed to greatly adhere to these guidelines.

However, even though we repeatedly asked for flag football to be separated from tackle prior to the guideline release, the EEA still did not distinguish flag.  As a result, we had been attempting to get firm confirmation for our plan from some sort of government agency.  Specifically, the definition of "deliberate close contact" as it pertained to the act of pulling a flag. Our interpretation was that pulling the flag is deliberate but any contact is incidental.

We asked the EEA repeatedly since the guidance release for their ruling on flag pulling with no response. We also asked the local Board of Health for their "sign off" on our plan as it pertains to the state's guidelines.  Unfortunately, late this afternoon, the Board of Health informed us that after consulting with yet another government agency, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, that the act of flag pulling is considered deliberate close contact and we would not be allowed to play.

We apologize for the long winded explanation, but we wanted to let you know that we were very diligent on putting together a safe plan that met state guidelines and that we would have approval in order to not be shut down mid-season.

We are disappointed that the kids will not be able to have this outlet for them this fall that we feel they desperately need.

As mentioned previously, in order for the league to stay afloat with two years of off-season expenses (insurance, uniforms, field maintenance, equipment storage, etc), we will credit your registration to next year. You will not have to pay anything next year - even if you are jumping up a division.  If you don't end up playing in 2021, then you will receive a refund at the start of the season.  This year's 8th graders will receive a refund in the coming days.  We are especially sad you won't be able to play your final year.

Again, we wish we had a better outcome to share.  Hopefully the kids can stay active both physically and mentally until this is all over.

We hope you all stay healthy and happy.

8/15/2020 UPDATE:

Registration for Instructional division is closed.  Two spots remain for Freshman division.


8/14/2020 UPDATE:

Yesterday, the Commonwealth released their guidance for Fall youth sports. We are encouraged that the required measures are in-line with what we have planned.  However, we have some specific questions pertaining to "flag" football, and we are awaiting a response from the Commonwealth.

Thank you for your patience.


8/1/2020 UPDATE:

Registration for the Senior and Junior divisions have closed.  There are still a few open spots left for the Freshman and Instructional divisions.


7/29/2020 UPDATE:

Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday August 1st the deadline to register your child for the 2020 season of Wachusett Flag Football.

Given the current situation, we cannot predict August registration flow based on previous years.  Therefore, in order to have the appropriate amount of jerseys, coaches, etc. we need to have a hard cut-off date by this Saturday.  There will be no exceptions, unfortunately, as we have a very tight budget this year given all the uncertainty.

We don't anticipate a decision by the Commonwealth for Fall Sports for a few more weeks.  We have requested that they separate Flag Football from Tackle Football in their assessment and we have provided them with the new rules we will be following which is "pure" flag football with no blocking.

As mentioned previously, if we are not allowed to have a season this year, your registration fee will be credited towards the 2021 season in order for the league to have enough cash flow for off-season expenses which exceed in-season expenses.  If you don't end up deciding to play in 2021, your registration fee will be fully refunded prior to the start of the 2021 season.  8th graders would receive a full refund soon after a decision to not allow us to play in 2020.

Also, please remember to both register AND pay when you register.  The system allows you to register without paying which will not put you on the list for this year.

Thank you


7/6/2020 UPDATE:


Hello Parents,

Just a reminder to register for Flag Football if your child plans on playing this Fall.
Registration will close on August 1st. This will be a HARD DATE with no exceptions.  We will also be making some decisions on age division viability and composition in the next couple weeks, so please don’t wait until the end.
As mentioned previously, we will be instituting numerous safety measures this year. Among those will be playing rules that incorporate NO BLOCKING to minimize contact.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!


Hello Wachusett Flag Football Families!


So much has changed since we were last on the field together back in late October / early November, but it looks like things are heading in the right direction in terms of re-opening our economy and activities.


Governor Baker's phased plan on re-opening Massachusetts has projected start dates for limited Youth Sports Activities on June 8th (Phase 2) and Youth Sports Games and Tournaments with limited crowd sizes on June 29th (Phase 3).


With the anticipation that things continue to progress throughout the Summer, we fully plan on having a 2020 Season in the Fall.  Registration is now open.


Wachusett Flag Football is 100% committed to having the safety of our players, coaches and spectators as the #1 priority of the season.  We will comply to the CDC, State of Massachusetts and Town of Holden's health and safety recommendations AT A MINIMUM.  As we get closer to the start of the season, we will share with you all of the safety precautions and procedures that will be mandatory and incorporated.


Since so much of the season's preparation, planning and spending is dependant on knowing the number of kids that will be playing, we are asking that you please register as soon as you can.  If too many players take a "let's wait and see" approach to registering, we will be forced to cancel the season whether we are allowed to play or not due to the lack of registrations and not enough time to plan for the final number of players.


If there ends up not being a 2020 season or if you decide not to play, your registration fee will be credited toward the 2021 season.  If you decide not to play in the 2021 season, your registration fee will be refunded prior to the start of the 2021 season.  8th graders would receive a refund this year.


Looking forward to the kids getting back outside and having fun with their friends on the football field!!