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Wachusett Youth Flag Football League (WYFFL) CORI POLICY - 2023 Season 

Every volunteer for Wachusett Youth Flag Football must submit a CORI form (click on this link) along with a photo copy of their driver's license EVERY YEAR to: and 

Seth Trachtenberg


Approved volunteers (coaches) are the only adults allowed to interact with players.


Where Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks are part of a general background check for employment, volunteer work or licensing purposes, the following practices and procedures will generally be followed.

I. CORI checks will only be conducted as authorized by Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB). All applicants will be notified that a CORI check will be conducted. If requested, the applicant will be provided with a copy of the CORI policy.

II. An informed review of a criminal record requires adequate training. Accordingly, all personnel authorized to review CORI in the decision-making process will be thoroughly familiar with the educational materials made available by CHSB.

III. Unless otherwise provided by law, a criminal record will not automatically disqualify an applicant. Rather, determinations of suitability based on CORI checks will be made consistent with this policy and any applicable law or regulations.

IV. If a criminal record is received from CHSB, the authorized individual will closely compare the record provided by CHSB with the information on the CORI request form and any other identifying information provided by the applicant, to ensure the record relates to the applicant.

V. If the WYFFL is inclined to make an adverse decision based on the results of the CORI check, the applicant will be notified immediately. The applicant shall be provided with a copy of the criminal record and the organization's CORI policy, advised of the part(s) of the record that make the individual unsuitable for the position or license, and given an opportunity to dispute the accuracy and relevance of the CORI record.

VI. Applicants challenging the accuracy of the policy shall be provided a copy of CHSB’s Information Concerning the Process in Correcting a Criminal Record. If the CORI record provided does not exactly match the identification information provided by the applicant, WYFFL will make a determination based on a comparison of the CORI record and documents provided by the applicant. The WYFFL may contact CHSB and request a detailed search consistent with CHSB policy.

VII. If the WYFFL reasonably believes the record belongs to the applicant and is accurate, based on the information as provided in section IV on this policy, then the determination of suitability for the position or license will be made. Unless otherwise provided by law, factors considered in determining suitability may include, but not be limited to the following:
(a) Relevance of the crime to the position sought;
(b) The nature of the work to be performed;
(c) Time since the conviction;
(d) Age of the candidate at the time of the offense;
(e) Seriousness and specific circumstances of the offense;
(f) The number of offenses;
(g) Whether the applicant has pending charges;
(h) Any relevant evidence of rehabilitation or lack thereof;
(i) Any other relevant information, including information submitted by the candidate or requested by the hiring authority

VIII. WYFFL will notify the applicant of the decision and the basis of the decision in a timely manner.

IX. Conviction of any offense listed under GROUP I of the attached FYBO’s List of Offenses, shall disqualify an applicant.

X. Conviction of more than one offense, or multiple convictions of the same offense, listed within GROUP II of the attached WYFFL’s List of Offenses, shall disqualify an applicant. Alternatively, if an applicant has been convicted of any one of the offenses listed in GROUP II he shall be excluded from coaching if the date of that offense was within ten (10) years of the date of his application.

XI. Two or more convictions of the offense listed in GROUP III shall be grounds for exclusion of the applicant.

XII. Existence of a pending charge for any offense listed in the WYFFL’s List of Offenses, conviction of which would exclude an applicant, shall exclude said applicant while said charge is pending.

WYFFL’s List of Offenses.

The term “(in any form or derivation)” shall be interpreted to mean any attempt to commit the listed offense, any lesser included offense, any variation of the offense as to intent to commit the offense with a particular weapon or force or against any particular classification of victim.

· Murder or manslaughter. (in any form or derivation)
· Mayhem (in any form or derivation)
· Rape or Sodomy (in any form or derivation).
· Any felony punishable by death or imprisonment for life.
· Any felony in which the defendant attempts to inflict bodily injury on any person or personally uses a firearm.
· Arson. (in any form or derivation)
· Possession of or Exploding a destructive device or infernal machine (in any form or derivation)
· Burglary (in any form or derivation)
· Robbery (in any form or derivation)
· Kidnapping (in any form or derivation).
· Attempt to commit a felony punishable by death or life imprisonment.
· Any felony in which the defendant personally used a dangerous or deadly weapon selling, furnishing, administering, giving or offering to sell, furnish administer or give to a minor, heroin, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), a methamphetamine-related drug, or a precursor of methamphetamine.
· Any conviction of a crime where the act is accomplished against the victim's will by force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury on the victim or another person.
· Grand theft (in any form or derivation)
· Any crime involving committing a lewd act on a child.
· Any felony resulting in bodily injury or in which a firearm was used.
· Any felony in which the defendant attempts to inflict bodily injury on any person or personally uses a firearm.
· Sexual abuse of a child.
· Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
· Assault or Assault and Battery on a child
· Indecent Assault and Battery (regardless of age of victim)
· Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
· Possession of a Controlled Substance with intent to Distribute or Manufacture same
· Distribution or Manufacture of Controlled Substance
· Lewd and Lascivious Behavior
· Open and Gross Lewdness
· Any Conviction requiring Registration with the Sexual Offender Registry Board
· Child Endangerment, or Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
· Procuring, Distributing or otherwise providing alcohol to a minor

· Attempt to Commit a Crime (provided crime is a felony)
· Assault and Battery
· Assault (in any form or derivation)
· Battery
· Possession of a Controlled Substance (excluding Marijuana)
· Disorderly Person

· Operating Under the Influence of Liquor or Narcotics