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How do I contact the League?

League contacts are listed on the website.  Your best bet is to contact the Division Director who is in charge of the Division your child is in.


What ages/grade levels are offered?

Wachusett Flag Football is open to all children (male or female) in grades K-8 in the greater Wachusett area (not restricted to 5 Wachusett Regional towns).  We are a FLAG Football league, not be confused with "Wachusett Youth Football" which is a TACKLE Football league that has an introductory flex-flag program for kids in grades 2-3.


How are the ages/grade levels divided?

There are 4 divisions offered:

Instructional (Grades K-1)

Freshman (Grades 2-3)

Junior (Grades 4-5)

Senior (Grades 6-8)


When does registration begin / end?

Registration begins in early June.  Registration ends in Mid August for Grades 4-8, and Late August for Grades K-3, or until rosters are full.


How does my child get placed on a team?

In the Instructional and Freshman Divisions the Division Director(s) distribute the players on rosters based on factors like the previous year's rosters, the elementary school the child attends, and any special requests that were made on the players registration (i.e. the same team as another child, with a certain coach, etc.).  However, these special requests will not be honored for registrations that come in two weeks prior to Labor Day or after.  At that point, the rosters need to be assembled and communicated to coaches, players, and parents.


In the Junior and Senior Divisions, players are placed on teams via a Coaches Draft.  Coaches select players based on player evaluation scores that the previous year coaches provide.  Special requests for team placements cannot be honored in these divisions due to the draft procedure.


When do games take place?

Games take place on Saturday mornings.  Game start times range from 8am to 1pm.


How long are the games?

Games last approximately one hour.


Where do games take place?

Our Instructional and Freshman Division games take place behind Dawson Elementary School in Holden.  Freshman games on the near side field, Instructional games on the far side field.

Our Junior and Senior Division games take place behind Mayo Elementary School in Holden.  Junior games on the near side field, Senior games on the far side field.


When does the season begin?

The season begins the Saturday after Labor Day.


How long is the regular season?

The regular season lasts seven straight weeks.


When does the season end?

The season ends with a league-wide tailgate party on the eighth Saturday of the season.  The Instructional and Freshman Divisions with have mini-games and their tailgate parties at Dawson Elementary.  The Junior and Senior Divisions will have first-round playoff games and their tailgate parties at Mayo Elementary.  Playoff Semi-final games continue the next day (Sunday) and the Superbowls are the following Saturday.


What is the practice commitment?

Most coaches have one practice a week typically lasting an hour to an hour and a half.  Some older division coaches may have two practices a week early in the season.


What equipment is needed?

All players must have a mouth guard, cleats, and water/Gatorade at all games and practices.  For games, all players must wear pants (either baseball pants or football pants with no pads).  Pants must be solid color (no stripes).  Shorts are not allowed in games, but are allowed at practices.  Also, warm weather clothes like sweatshirts and winter hats are allowed, but no hooded sweatshirts are allowed.  Helmets are not used.  The league will provide each player with a game jersey.